The Worst Blog Post Yet

December 20, 2012 at 4:27 pm (Community, Faith, Kids, Politics)

Everything is a platitude and a cliche and…stupid after something like what happened in Newton, CT last week. That sentence that I just wrote is stupid in fact – after “something like” – please! Nothing has ever happened “like that” before. Yes, there have been horrors before, but each is uniquely horrific. And I’m sorry, but stop saying tragedy. It’s not a tragedy. It is the mother-loving Mayan apocalypse come one week early, and we ought to treat it that way.

Every night at bedtime, before I leave his room, my seven-year-old says “Promise me I’m safe.” And God help me, I say “Yes.”

Because what can I say? “No Henry, you’re not safe. When you stepped off the curb in front of that SUV turning right, you were about ten toes away from disaster. There’s every possibility that there’s a germ or a gene with your name on it spelling catastrophe. And terrible, appalling, heinous things happen in places where you’re supposed to be safe, like schools, and churches, and homes. Now, go to sleep.”

My mom card would be revoked.

And yet there I go, being wrong some more, (I’m getting good at it by now!) because while, yes, it does sometimes seem like life is nasty, brutish and short, it’s the only one we’re given, at least as far as I know. So we have to just keep livin’, dazed sometimes, and confused often. My oldest last night, in a fit of melodrama, sobbed, “I just can’t make it!” “Through what?” I asked, genuinely bemused. “My life!” she whimpered.

But that’s the task, sweet girl! That’s what we have to do, even in an unsafe world, my darling boy! We have to make it through. And we have to make something of it. And we have to make it count, hackeneyed chestnuts be damned.

And we also have to enact some mother-loving gun control…but that’s another blog post.


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