In which the author gets super depressed but is saved by laundry and music

October 9, 2012 at 9:43 pm (Faith, Music, Politics) (, , , )

A Facebook friend’s recent post troubled me.  (Maybe that sentence in itself is troubling, but whatever.)  It was a link to a “Catholic” blog post in which the author condemned (not too strong a word) the voices that question the Church on anything, but specifically birth control.  And then of course, I descended down the rabbit hole of the website, which seems to me to be totally focused on three issues:  abortion (anti),  gay marriage (anti), and health care (anti).  And then I got super depressed, because is it possible for us both to be good Catholics, the Judgy McJudgerson author and me?  Is there really no room for debate on any of these issues?  Am I deluding myself when I try to be a good Catholic, because let me clear something up, not that there was any doubt…I have a lot of questions, and I struggle with the answers I get from my church, I really do.

So here’s what I did.  I went and did some laundry, which is a good indicator of the state of my brain, since it is my least favorite household chore.  And as I was feeling shitty and folding the mountain of clothes on my bed, I listened to my favorite Pandora station.  (Although all of my Pandora stations are starting to sound the same, which is kind of funny).  These two songs came on, one right after each other:

and then:

And you know what?  I felt better…AND my laundry was folded.  A happy ending.


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