April 4, 2012 at 6:43 pm (Faith, Kids) (, , , , )

Today is the last day of school before spring break. I can hear my preschooler thudding around upstairs with her pal as I write this, and the other two will be done in a couple of hours, after which we have eleven blessed days before it’s back to the daily grind. (“There’s just too much school,” my oldest sobbed to me one morning this week. “It’s every day and it’s just too much.” They’re due for a vacation, for sure.)

We don’t have any solid plans for our next week. The hubs has oodles of vacation time banked up but is too busy to use it, so there goes our brief flirtation with a last-minute trip to the land of the Mouse and all his merchandise, aka Disney. I’ll maybe take a day trip or two with another family we’re close to, (water park? big city museums?) but I don’t have any firm plans yet.

One thing I’m going to try to do is to keep tomorrow and Friday…um, holy. I was trying to explain this to my kids one night as they peppered me with suggestions about where we should spend our vacation. “There’s a lot of church this weekend,” I reminded them. “There are churches all over,” they told me. “I’m singing at three of the masses,” was my comeback. “And I don’t think Thursday and Friday count as vacation days.” They wanted to know what I meant. “Well, why don’t you have school those days?” I asked. “Because it’s Holy Thursday and Holy Friday,” my six year old said. “Good Friday,” I corrected him. “That’s right. I guess I just think we ought to do something that reflects the reason you’re not in school those days.”

Here’s my plan. Tomorrow we’re going to go to an outdoor Stations of the Cross that is nearby, and then Friday kind of takes care of itself, with that big old service right in the middle of the day. I don’t know, it just sort of seems like the least we can do.


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