Batter up!

January 27, 2011 at 7:25 pm (Kids) (, , )

It’s January so it must be time to think about registering Henry for baseball, right? (It’s almost as annoying as not being able to buy a sweater in the stores in February, or find a bathing suit in July.) Henry turns six in May and is headed for first grade next year, so he has two options this summer. He can either do coach pitch, which is a lot like T-ball last year, but without the tee; or he can do machine pitch, which is the start of Little League.

What Henry did last summer

My initial reaction was, let’s do coach pitch. They don’t keep score, it’s a lot more relaxed. He’ll barely be six in June, fercryinoutloud. I think my first experience of team sports was sixth grade basketball. How much do we have to accelerate this stuff, anyway?

But then I did what I always do, which is get way too many opinions about it. Opinions from parents whose kids had been through it in years past, opinions from parents of kids signing up this year, opinions from coaches, opinions from players.

And I changed my mind and decided machine pitch was the way to go.

But I still didn’t register Henry, although I was just positive I was going to.

And then something stopped me. I mean, I literally stopped in the middle of the online registration, and I asked Henry. You know, the kid who would actually be playing? And he said, “I think coach pitch sounds better, Mommy.”

I sometimes make this way harder than it needs to be.


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