Epic Fail

January 14, 2011 at 3:37 pm (Community, Faith, Kids) (, , )

Father Associate Pastor came into the second grade classroom yesterday to answer questions. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what kind of questions the other kids had but MY second-grader asked why women couldn’t become priests. (I’m totally unsurprised to hear that that was her question. We went to a friend’s baptism last spring at an Episcopal church nearby and all three of my kids were very much struck by the “girl priest.”)

How do I put this tactfully? One, again I wasn’t there, so I didn’t hear Father Associate Pastor’s actual response, and two, I understand that that is a very hard question to answer (maybe because there isn’t a good answer? whoops, not tactful) but the “explanation” that she took away was pretty weak: “We’ve never had women priests and we’re not going to have them now.”

I asked my second grader what she thought of that answer. She said, “I don’t think it’s a very good answer. Other churches have girl priests, so we can’t we? Plus, there’s a shortage of priests, so if girls could be priests, we would have more priests.”

Out of the mouths of babes…or at least second graders.



  1. Mike Miller said,

    If the manpower problem were solved with some girl power (or, heck, married man power), Roman Catholic churches would be mega. Some are standing room only for Mass–just imagine if those who had reservations due to sexism and scandals showed up. But the church would then be operating more fully on divine power rather than human power, intimidation and control–and that is very hard to let go of.

  2. Beadgirl said,

    I’ve heard lots of arguments against female priests over the years (some more well-thought-out than others, but I have yet to hear one that has convinced me.

  3. Threeby's Mom said,

    This is one of the things that convinced me to be more proactively Episcopalian rather than just passively protestant. We were married by, N was baptized by, and El will be baptized by a woman. That and the American Episcopal church’s stance on blessing gay unions. The only other place I could see myself is Methodism, because of their historic tradition of reaching out to the poor. The Catholic church does so well at encouraging good works and focusing on poverty as all of our social problem, but this, gay marriage, and the actively anti-birth control thing confound me.

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