A good sport in a bad game…

November 8, 2010 at 2:54 pm (Community, Kids, Politics) (, , )

As a parent, I spend a fair amount of time talking about being a good sport. We love to play games in our family, both athletic and otherwise, and I’m afraid I’ve bequeathed a fiercely competitive nature to all three of my children. From Monopoly to soccer, Sam and I try hard to emphasize the importance of trying your hardest, playing by the rules, being a gracious winner and perhaps most importantly, a gracious loser.

I don’t have to look very far for a good example for the kids. Our soon-to-be-ex senator, Russ Feingold has always been a terrific sport in the downright dirty game of politics. I’m not sure I’m sufficiently recovered from the “shellacking” of last week’s election to write much about it, but let me just say that I was proud to vote for Feingold in four elections, and I’m devastated that he will no longer be representing Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate come January. Here’s his email to his supporters after his loss last Tuesday:


Thank you. Thank you for your support over the years. Representing Wisconsin in the Senate has been the greatest honor of my life and together we accomplished many great things. No one has ever had such a strong foundation of support as I have. You gave me my backbone.

In the words of Bob Dylan: “But my heart is not weary. It’s light and free. I’ve got nothing but affection for those who have sailed with me.”


Thank you,


What a guy.

Thank you, Senator. Thanks for your service, and thank you for the example you have always set, for working hard, for playing by the rules, and for being a good sport.



  1. Threeby's Mom said,

    It’s a serious loss to the country that he isn’t in the Senate anymore.

  2. Mike Miller said,

    Hola! Great to see that you’re blogging again. I wonder if the theory that Feingold will run for Kohl’s seat in 2012 will come true. An even more tantalizing rumor is that Feingold will be tapped for SCOTUS.

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