Random words of kindness

June 12, 2010 at 12:22 am (Community) (, , )

It has been a comically bad week here in the Belfry, including, as such weeks do, parking tickets. library fines, absent husbands, grocery store gaffes and many, many conversations/interactions with medical personnel.

It’s these last that are the subject of this post.

Every single conversation I had at the doctor/specialist/hospital was conducted with patience, kindness and real (or at least very well-feigned) compassion on the part of the medical staff. I never felt rushed, or condescended to, or really, anything less than taken care of. Maybe I’m terribly cynical, but I didn’t expect that, and I’m almost pathetically grateful for it.

And here’s the kicker. As a result of that unexpected grace, I’m trying to be more patient/compassionate/kind in the rest of my dealings with the human race. That…I’m going to go ahead and say “tenderness” has awakened in me a realization that my words,my facial expressions, even my tone of voice could affect the course of somebody’s day…and I’d so prefer that effect be positive.

So, you know, always an upside.


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