Where I’m at…(A Mother’s Day Reflection)

May 9, 2010 at 1:05 am (Kids) (, , , )

I am supposed to be in Madrid, Spain with my husband. I am not. I am in my little house in Wisconsin with my three kids, the youngest of whom has some horrible barfing virus.

She feels rotten because she is sick. I feel rotten because I don’t get to go to Spain with my husband, and visit my old roommates, and meet Gema’s new baby and hang out in the best city in the world. My oldest feels rotten about the baby feeling rotten and me feeling rotten. Henry feels okay.

Happy (expletive) Mother’s Day, right?!

Am I bummed? I’m not going to lie – there have been a few tears shed Chez Belfry this weekend. But actually, I suppose there are worse ways to celebrate being a mother. This is the kind of thing that you sign up for when you’re a parent…to have a kid is to commit to putting someone else’s welfare ahead of yours for the duration. I know there are lifestyle gurus who advocate “putting yourself first” but I think that’s bullshit, in a word. You start with the sacrificing from the minute you see the double pink line on the stick and you don’t stop…well, maybe ever. But that’s not why we get a day in our honor…we get it because we don’t resent our kids for all the trouble they cause. Because we love them unconditionally…when they’re naughty, when they’re a pain, when they’re puking on us at eight in the morning the day we’re supposed to leave for Spain. Because we’re grateful to the core for the chance to love like that, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything…although Luz, if you could aim the other way, I’d appreciate it.

Anyway, happy Mother’s day. To my mom, to all the moms, to me.


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  1. Jim Anello said,

    Happy Mother’s Day, Emma. It may sound weird, but this might be the one Mother’s Day you remember over all of them.

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