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Henry had his first recital this past Saturday. He’s still not actually playing his violin, so he sang a song about the correct rest position to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. In fact, Henry led off the concert. He’s so self-possessed, he didn’t seem nervous at all as he sat in front of me waiting through the announcements until it was time for him to climb the stairs to the stage. As he started singing, he flushed deep red (sorry about those genes, kid!) so I know he was aware that it was a momentous occasion, but he did such a great job. My dad had asked Henry to make sure to sing loud so that he could hear him, and he did! Loud, in tune, with confidence…it was maybe the most wondrous thing I have ever heard. In fact, I’m bawling just writing about it, so you can imagine the Niagara Falls that occurred on the day. I couldn’t have been prouder or more delighted for him.

Note the tartan tie

Henry greets his adoring public

Here’s the weird thing though – I choked up as each kid performed. The girl that graduated her book and got a certificate. The kid that had to restart “Go Tell Aunt Rhody.” The boy on the cello who played a Breval piece that I still remember from my Suzuki days. Each performer caused a fresh wave of tears. And why shouldn’t I cry? Music itself is so inherently moving, and for these young kids – Henry’s only four, for pete’s sake – to get up on stage in front of a full audience, even a a supportive one, is so brave and beautiful…well, let’s just say I was not the only one dripping salt-water all over the place.



  1. Kay said,

    Wow, what a great experience! Is he taking violin through school?

  2. batsinthebelfry said,

    No, it’s a Suzuki class at the Conservatory!

  3. Jenna said,

    Aww, Emma 🙂 Just reading this made me tear up too! I adore your family SO much and what a handsome little lad Henry is! I feel so very very blessed to know you all 😀

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