Independence Day

July 23, 2009 at 3:04 pm (Uncategorized)

No, not that one…

Henry wants to play the violin. Which, in theory, ewwww, but in actuality, WOO-HOO!!! Here’s the backstory.

His big sister has a big personality. Riley is always the boss. If she wants to play fairies, they play fairies. If she wants to play freeze tag, they play freeze tag. If he wants to play superheroes, she’ll read a book.

So we were picking RIley up from her piano lesson, and Riley commented that Henry could start to take lessons this fall. And Henry said, “No, I want to play the violin.”

“Really?”  we asked.  “The violin?”  “Yes,” Henry said very seriously.  “When can I start?”

When I told my mom about Henry’s declaration of independence, she laughed and said it was his jelly moment.  She tells this story about my brother and sister who are just over a year apart in age.  The way she tells it,  my sister didn’t really realize she was a separate person from our older brother.  If he wanted to play superheroes, they played superheroes.  If he wanted to play hide and seek, they played hide and seek.  If she wanted to play Barbies, he read a book.

Until one day at lunch, Mom asked what they wanted, and Adam said, “Peanut butter.  We don’t like jelly.”  Except that Maris piped up, “I like jelly!”  And that was that.

So…the violin.


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