Standing up for what you believe

July 15, 2009 at 4:58 pm (Uncategorized)

We’re just back from a fore-shortened (word? care?) trip to the playground. The reason for our hasty retreat? There were a couple of kids chucking a Hot Wheels car around while their moms gabbed in the corner. At first, I thought the moms must not have realized that the boys were throwing a metal object with all of their might, but when the makeshift missile flew across the entire length of the playground and landed at the feet of one, and she picked it up and handed it back to the perp, I realized my mistake. And I was stunned into silence.

I do think there is something, actually a lot, to be said for turning the other cheek, but when the cheek is that of my not-quite-two-year-old, I’m not sure that discretion actually IS the better part of valor. (Who said that anyway? Shakespeare, I imagine. Sounds like him. So now you’ve gotten Jesus and Will in one paragraph. How like me) And now I’m stewing for not having said anything. It’s true that nobody got hurt, but somebody might have, and if it had been said toddler, I would have blown my top. So yeah, I played that all wrong. Shoot.



  1. New Mama said,

    It’s so hard to say something at the time. Sometimes you’re just shocked into silence!

  2. Marie said,

    I witnessed something like this a few weeks ago but it was my friend that did and said nothing and I was so embarrassed I contemplated going back to the playground later to apologize to the other moms involved. How messed up am I? 😉

  3. batsinthebelfry said,

    gloriously, Marie.

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