In training

April 27, 2009 at 11:44 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m doing a triathlon in June.  I’m telling everyone I know, too.  I’m sure my friends and family are plenty sick of the topic, so I’ve moved on to strangers.  Beware if you’re my checkout clerk at the grocery store or in front of me in the ticket line at the movies; I’m very likely to bore you to tears with my triathlon tales.  This is what I’m thinking though:  the more people who know that I’ve signed up, the more accountable I am, to do the training, to do the triathlon, to do my best.

So I’m wondering if I ought to be the same way with my faith.  Blogs aside, I’ve never been one to wear my religion on my sleeve.  I’m not comfortable evangelizing or proselytizing or anything-izing, I guess (which is odd because otherwise I so enjoy telling others what to do and where to go).  And I’d say that I have a pretty puny prayer life too.  It could definitely use some bulking up.  Maybe I really should be mentioning that I’m in training as a Catholic too…that I’m trying to exercise my prayer muscles, but it’s slow going; that I’m trying to walk humbly with God, but that it’s a lot easier to run really fast the other way; that I would hope you could tell just by looking at me, but I lack a little definition yet…


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