Halfway point

March 24, 2009 at 2:56 am (Uncategorized)

So yesterday Father Carl pointed out that we were halfway through Lent…uh-oh.  I started out so well.  I was encouraged by my early success with my Lenten resolutions, but somehow that has not translated into continued success.  And by “somehow”  I mean my total lack of spine and will power.  Anyway, I’m flagging here at the midway point, and I need to get back on track?  But how?

I knew I wouldn’t be able to totally give up the computer.  I’m simply too reliant on it.  There are people whose phone numbers I don’t even know, but I have their emails memorized.  We don’t have a yellow pages – why bother?  I’m blogging as a Lenten project, ferpetessake.  So fine, I was going to have to use the computer a bit every day, but it’s been too easy to sneak a peek at some random design site at the same time that I’m printing out the directions to a friend’s house.  So that should stop.

Real estate?  I might as well put it in my pipe and smoke it…it’s my crack, I swear.  And honestly, it is deeply distressing that I have such an addiction to it, because what does it mean?  I have such a great life and yet there I go again, coveting my neighbor’s house.  ARRRRGHHH.


Do they sell backbones somewhere?


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