What’s the point?

March 7, 2009 at 3:39 am (Uncategorized)

A dear friend complimented me on the blog (which you know, gosh, feels super good.  It’s nice to be appreciated for more than my ability to make mac-n-cheese.  Out of a box.)  Anyway, this dear friend said that the intersection of faith and motherhood was an interesting subject.  Golly, is that what I’m writing about?  That sounds a lot better than what my actual thought process was, which went something like this:

What am I going to do that’s positive for Lent?  Well, I’ve been trying to read more than just the latest Shopaholic books (not that there’s anything wrong with those…).  Maybe I could write some book reviews and post them.  Where?  On Facebook?  That would make a nice change from my Wordscraper addiction.  Actually, maybe I could try to write a blog about religion, and life, and doubt, and my family, and how we make it work…or not, as the case may be.  Hmmm, I wonder how one actually puts a blog together.  Holy crap, it’s super easy.  Well, THAT explains a lot.

So that’s what happened.  (But you know, “the intersection of faith and family” sounds WAY better. So I’m totally stealing that.)   And my first week or so of posts were pretty easy to come up with.  But then I got stuck.  And I think I got stuck because faith and religion are so very personal, or at least they are to me, and I’m very sensitive, or maybe it’s conceit?  about how I come across, being a religious person in, let’s face it, a secular age.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained* though.  I’m going to be brave and talk about big stuff.

One of these days.

*Who said that?  You know, when you have to guess the origin of a quote, guess the Bible or Shakespeare, and honestly, 75% of the time you’ll be right.  Just a little tip to help you through pub trivia.  Unfortunately that one falls into that other 25%, at least according to
these guys


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